The Book of Revelation Chapter 3 verses 1-29

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We do not present Revelation Chapter 3 from any specific denominational viewpoint, rather we bring together the best information, teachers, preachers and ideas from the world wide web into one place for you to discover for yourself the lessons you need to learn from Revelations 2 and Revelations 3.  We offer our visitors access to FREE audio files and readings, FREE video teachings, and preachers, as well as our FREE and (relatively) unbiased ideas on Revelation chapter 2 and 3.    Click here to stream a reading of Revelation Chapter 3

It is important to remember that the end-times matters not, it is only the end of your life that matters.   For nearly 2000 years individuals and institutions have speculated on the return of Christ and the biblical end-times, and for nearly 2000 years they have all been wrong.  Your preparation and study needs to focus on the end of your life which is guaranteed to happen within 120 years of you being born.  This is why we focus on Revelation 2 and Revelation 3, both of these chapters focus on the individual and institutional failures and successes from the point of view of Jesus Christ.  At the end of the day it is not what we know, or how great we think we are that matters, it is how Christ views us that matters.  The goal of our websites is to help you see yourself and your church through the eyes of Jesus Christ, so that you can have a better estimate of where you really stand in this life.

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Self Reflection & Review

We are all sinners who have fallen short and will continue to fall short to the standard set by Christ.  This websites only goal is to illustrate that point and help you to identify where you are going wrong in your personal life and what dangers to be aware of in your local church.  We attend a church service, sign worship and do some good deeds, but this does not mean that actually we are loving or serving Christ as illustrated by his letters to the seven churches.


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