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The Book of Revelation Chapters 2 & 3 give us insight into the mind of Christ regarding how he views his churches and the individuals in them.

Revelation chapters 2 & 3 are a mind opening experience because Jesus lays it all out for his people, he does not sugar-coat what is going on, he rebukes most of the churches and the individuals that dwell within them.  This rebuke of the churches is vitally important to all of our walks with Christ as often we are unaware of our failures and short-comings, each rebuke, warning and instruction need to be reflected on in our own lives as well as in our local churches if we desire to be right with God.  These two chapters warn us of our current or future failures and give us the opportunity to actually acknowledge, love and serve Christ in a practical, meaningful and fruitful way; least we be one of the many who say "but lord I have served you" and he replies "I know you not".  Our hope is that we can help individuals and churches to stop just spinning their wheels, and help them actually start moving towards and with God down the narrow road.  We are all lost sinners regardless of our religious standing, all that is expected of us is to be better tomorrow than we were today, God does not expect or require perfection, all he demands is constant improvement which comes from walking with God daily.

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Articles, Sermons and Teachings regarding Revelation Chapter 3

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Letters to the Seven Churches  (Book by William Mitchell Ramsay)    

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The views, articles and information presented on our website does not always reflect our personal beliefs, we present differing opinions from a wide variety of sources and do not always have time to fully review each of them.  Our website is a place for you to discover for yourself the lessons to be learned from Revelation Chapter 3.

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Self Reflection & Review

We are all sinners who have fallen short and will continue to fall short to the standard set by Christ.  This websites only goal is to illustrate that point and help you to identify where you are going wrong in your personal life and what dangers to be aware of in your local church.  We attend a church service, sign worship and do some good deeds, but this does not mean that we are actually loving or serving Christ as illustrated by his letters to the seven churches.


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